Adult Coaching

A diagnosis of ADHD can present many challenges within the family, work, and social settings. Robyn’s strength based coaching approach will help you find success in the following areas by tapping into your character strengths and values, which become your tools to help you reach your goals.

Coaching Topics

Goal Setting, Prioritizing, Scheduling, Confidence building, Organizing, Focusing, Nutrition, Exercise, Mindfulness Meditation, Sleep, Organizing Your Environment, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Time-Management, Organizing Personal Finances

When you focus on your strengths it allows you to start with the things you already do well, and this builds momentum. Robyn will help you move from “what’s wrong” to “what’s strong.” Research shows that using your character strengths can help you:

  • Buffer against, manage and overcome problems

  • Improve your relationships

  • Enhance health and overall well-being

Robyn will:

  • Take you through a 5 step process:

    • Step 1- Character strengths / Values

    • Step 2- Long Term Planning

    • Step 3- Holistic Approach - eat, sleep, exercise (or you choose your own topics)

    • Step 4- Executive Function Skills/ Tools

    • Step 5- Goals/ Actions

  • Help you clarify your goals by asking you powerful, open-ended, clarity seeking, probing, challenging, thought-provoking, future directed, solution oriented questions that will cause you to search for answers and new possibilities.

  • Walk you through the 5 step SMART process, once goals are established.

  • Specific (so you know exactly what you're trying to achieve)
    Measurable (so you know when you've achieved it!) 
    Attainable (so you can DO something about it!) 
    Realistic (so it IS achievable) 
    Time-Bound (has a deadline)

  • When you use SMART, you can create clear, attainable, and meaningful goals, and develop the motivation, action plan, and support needed to achieve them.

  • Support, motivate, and champion you to stay positive, calm, and focused so you are able to achieve your goals.