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Meet Robyn


Robyn is not accepting new clients at this time.


Robyn Parks is a certified Life, Parent, and ADHD Coach with an M.A. in Special Education, a Post-Baccalaureate degree in Elementary and Middle School Education from Point Park University, and a  B.A. in Sociology/Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.

Robyn has extensive ADHD training and expertise. She completed her coaching training at IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence In Coaching), an accredited coaching program recognized by the International Coach Federation. She earned a graduate certificate from JST Coaching, LLC, a specialized coach training program focused on teaching methods for teens and college students with ADHD. Most recently, Robyn completed Professional ADHD Parent Coach Training with Cindy Goldrich, a Parenting Specialist, and The Seeing My Time - Executive Functioning Success Program- The Sklar Process.

Robyn understands what it’s like to raise a child with ADHD. Her oldest son has ADHD, and she has been instrumental in helping him function better in social and academic contexts. 

Robyn is a wife and a mother of three. Lily (17), Aidan (20) & Zach (22). She combines her education, passion, and real-life experience to help her clients reach their goals and live happier and more successful lives.

What Clients Are Saying


"As my ADHD Coach, Robyn Parks has been influential in my success through the first semester of my freshman year of college. Robyn is patient, encouraging, and insightful in every interaction I have with her. I always leave feeling better about myself and what I am capable of after speaking with her. She expresses genuine interest in me and my accomplishments and failures as a student and person. Robyn is knowledgeable about the tools and actions necessary for my improvement, but she always leaves decisions up to me so that I am equipped to handle situations on my own in the future. Robyn has been an invaluable resource for me this semester, and she is an exceptional coach."   

Robyn’s coaching made a tremendous difference in my son’s life. She helped him to set goals and achieve them and enforced the importance of being accountable for his actions. As a result, my son functioned more effectively at school and had less conflict and stress at home.

Mom of a son with ADHD

"Robyn- As you have seen, Alex has made a tremendous improvement in her schoolwork - keeping up with assignments, knowing when things are due, studying for tests, and turning work in. This all started when she started working with you - I asked her directly why she thinks she's doing so much better this year, and she said you were so patient in helping her develop her way of organizing her work and herself.

THANK YOU for having such an impact on our daughter's life. I don't know how to put my gratitude into words to you for taking her on last year and having so much patience and encouragement in watching her grow. The impact you have had on her life will never be adequately measured, nor enough gratitude and appreciation be expressed."

Mom of a 12th Grade Student


A Client

Robyn has been a tremendous source of support for my son and me over the last several years.  As a college student struggling with ADHD, anxiety, intermittent depression, and uncertainty about his future plans, he had a difficult couple of semesters.  Robyns caring manner and expertise in assisting people with ADHD have been tremendously valuable in helping him stay on track, improve his grades and, along the way…boost his self-esteem.  She has been very responsive to keeping in touch when needed or when concerns have arisen.  My son has come to value her opinion and suggestions, making it easier for me to step back and let him handle his life more independently.  I would highly recommend Robyn as a thoughtful, caring, and professional coach who truly wants the best outcome for her clients.

A Client

Pamela Forchheimer: Mom of a Rising College Sophomore

Robyn, I want to thank you for your professionalism, kindness, and ability to connect on a personal level with our daughter Julia. We knew her first year at The College of Charleston was going to be a real challenge due to Execution Function Deficits. The “Seeing My Time” program that she worked on with you during the summer before her freshman year, in addition to the weekly coaching sessions throughout the school year, ensured that she followed through and gained the confidence she needed to succeed. We are so appreciative of Simply Positive Coaching and all your hard work to ensure Julia’s year was successful! I know many student 
will continue to benefit from your dedication and priceless advocacy.

Julia Forchheimer: A College Student

"Thanks to Robyn, I was able to successfully get through my first and second semester of my freshman year in college. Not only did Robyn help me with organization, she also helped me when I was stressed about the work. I was able to confide in her when I wasn’t getting the work done, and she helped me get back on track. I admire Robyn, and the help and support she provided me was invaluable. Any student who struggles with organization, getting things done, or is having a hard time adjusting to college should definitely contact Robyn. She is reliable and really understands her clients needs."

A Client

I contacted Robyn because she has established an excellent reputation as being a very knowledgeable and excellent coach. She is well-read on the vast materials and studies regarding ADHD. Robyn helped me by providing concrete strategies and answers to so many unanswered questions in parenting a child with ADHD. The thing I really liked was seeing immediate results on how these tools can work for your child and your family. The experience was very positive. I looked forward to every Tuesday night and always felt better than when I came in. I would recommend Calm and Connected to people who want to gain a solid perspective, concrete facts, and excellent tools in assisting them in parenting a child with ADHD.

An Adult Client


Working with Robyn has changed my life. I started with her when I was looking to go back to school, and she has helped me every step of the way as I progressed through starting classes again to starting a business. Her guidance has helped me deal with the challenges of being an adult with ADHD and she has taught me strategies to deal with the everyday challenges at the moment.
She goes above and beyond to help her clients and is an excellent resource for anyone struggling with ADHD or the parents of a student
struggling. I highly recommend her services and classes.

Robyn’s help with my son with ADHD and executive function challenges was invaluable.  She helped my son by giving him the tools to be more organized and complete his homework.  Robyn is patient and kind, and she helped me to step back and be a mom, not always micro-managing homework assignments.  Robyn always made time for us as well.  I highly recommend Robyn and Simply Positive Coaching to help students improve and develop essential life skills. 


Mom of a high school student

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