Join Cindy Goldrich for a Live-interactive webinar as she helps you manage the unique challenges involved in parenting children with ADHD, Executive Function challenges, and learning differences. Her next Calm Connected: Parenting Kids ADHD/Executive Function Challenges begins on January 5, 2021.

You can join just Session One or register for the full series. Please feel free to use code CCPTS20 for 20% off of Session One until December 17

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Are you or someone you know parenting a child with ADHD, Executive Function Challenges, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and other behavioral challenges? I highly recommend you take Cindy’s Live-Interactive Webinar or E Course to learn tips, tools, and strategies for your family. The dates for Calm and Connected© Live-Interactive Webinar only. 

ADHD/Executive Function: The Social & Emotional Impact on Learning, Motivation, Behavior, & the Family System© 2-Hour Parent Workshop Session 1 of Calm & Connected© (Nov 12, Dec 14, Jan 5)


Managing Homework, Parent Edition: Tips, Tools, & Strategies for Helping Kids© 2-Hour Parent Workshop (November 19th)


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Session 1 ADHD/Executive Function Challenges: The Social & Emotional Impact on Learning, Motivation, Behavior, & the Family System © (also available on its own)
Session 2 Remaining Calm & Connected
Session 3 Improving Communication
Session 4 Encouraging Collaboration
Session 5 Achieving Clarity & Consistency
Session 6 Effective Consequences
Session 7 Making Better Choices

Calm and Connected© Full 7 Sessions



7-Session Live-Webinar: $490 OR 2 Payments of $270

Begins Tuesday, January 5th @ 5pm MST

SPECIAL BONUS with 7-Session registration: FREE Access to the On-Demand eCourse!

Parents often take signs of disrespect, lack of effort, and defiance as indicators that they need to be stricter and have tighter boundaries. This is often ineffective and risks creating more chaos and stress. Typical rewards and punishments (which most parents find don't work anyway) don't get to the core issues creating the challenges, so transferrable skills are not learned, and systemic change is not accomplished.

In Session 1 (ADHD & Executive Function: Understanding the Impact on Learning, Motivation, and Behavior) you will learn what has been driving your child’s challenging behavior. During Sessions 2-7 you will learn the specific tools and strategies to bring about lasting, systemic change! 

I approach ADHD as a Difference with Challenges – NOT a Disorder! Through my Strength-Based Positive approach to parenting, you will gain valuable insights, tips, tools, and strategies to...

  • Reduce the ARGUING, STRESS, and DEFIANCE

  • Increase your child’s self-motivation and confidence

  • Build your child’s resilience, flexibility, grit, & perseverance

  • Improve your child’s trust and connection with you so that they will talk WITH you, instead of AT you.

  • Help your child reach their FULL potential.

  • Bring back peace to your relationship.

When Rewards and Punishments don’t work, my Calm and Connected Parenting program will.


*Free Access to the On-Demand Calm and Connected eCourse with 7-Session registration! 
Dates: Tuesdays, Jan. 5, 12,19,26: Feb 2,9,16, 2021

Time: 5pm - 6:30pm MST (*Session 1 lasts 2 hours) 

20% discount - Use Code CCPTS20 expires 12/7

2 Payment Plan Available

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