Unleash Your Potential, Surpass Your Limits, Change Your Life

Are you trying your best to help your child succeed, but nothing is working?

Are you feeling tired, frustrated, and at the end of your rope?

The greatest impact parents can have on their children with ADHD is to help them understand what is truly getting in the way of meeting their goals, and to provide them with the knowledge, tools and strategies they need to succeed – in school, at home, socially… in life!

Simply Positive Coaching is here to help children with ADHD.

Simply Positive Coaching works closely with every individual to:

  • Create day-to-day structures

  • Help manage distractions

  • Create long-term plans and goals

  • Gain self-confidence

  • Be more productive and organized

  • Understand the meaning of an ADHD diagnosis

Areas of focus include: confidence building, scheduling, goal setting, organization, and prioritization all with the ADHD brain in mind.

ADHD/Life Coach and founder of

Simply Positive Coaching

Meet Robyn

"I am passionate about helping her clients reach their goals, greatest potential, and sense of well-being."

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What Clients Are Saying

"Robyn is patient, encouraging and insightful in every interaction I have with her and I always leave feeling better about myself and what I am capable of after speaking with her."

-- Freshman college student

"The support, tools, advocacy and relationship that Robyn provides is invaluable! I remind him… what/how would Ms. Robyn want you to do that?"

-- Mom of an 8th grade student

"As a Dad, taking the course was instrumental in not only learning how to better parent a child with ADHD, but also gaining skills that applied to our entire household."

-- Dad of a son with ADHD

-- Mom of a teenage son with ADHD and Executive Function Disorder

"Robyn’s coaching made a tremendous difference in my son’s life. She helped him to set goals and achieve them, and enforced the importance of being accountable for his actions. As a result, my son functioned more effectively at school and had less conflict and stress at home."

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